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Micro-Teaching, here I come!

micro-teachingHari ini giliranku untuk melakukan micro teaching di kelas. Nama kelasnya tuh “Preparing for College Teaching” . Sekedar info aja sih, kelas ini diperuntukkan bagi orang-orang yang berencana untuk mengambil Teaching Assistant (mirip kayak asisten dosen) atau yang berhubungan dengan teaching. Continue reading “Micro-Teaching, here I come!”

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Review Chapter 1 “Introduction”


Today (8/6), I want to review Chapter 1 in the book “Business Analytics for Managers” by Wolfgang Jank (2011). I started reading at 3:05 AM. Yeah, it looks like I’m a night owl :D. But I am also an early bird :). Only 28 minutes to finish this chapter if you take it seriously (page 1-8). So, what have I learned in this chapter?

  1. The author explained the purpose of this book
  2. The author asserted this book was not a Statistic or Data Mining Book
  3. How to use this book

The next step,  I will review the next chapter with my style. It looks like learning by teaching. See you then! Gbu. 😉

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Good News and My Promise

This morning, I received a good news from USF. God gives an opportunity for me to continue my study in my major that is similar to my background. I believe this is a good step that I have to change. myself. Not my hair style or my stuff, but my life. I hope I can do it. There is no impossible when you walk with God. Then, sooner or later, I will study Theology that I delayed two years ago.  Praise the Lord 😀

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Attending Seminar of MSEM

I attend the Seminar of Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) in the Engineering Building 2 (ENB) at USF. I come because Valent invites me as a guest. This seminar is an event for students who will graduate at the end of this year (Fall 2014) or on the next semester (Spring 2015). Before the ceremonial started, we take some food that they have provided.

Dr. Patricia Anzalone, an MSEM Program Coordinator, have a role as Master of Ceremonies

Then, we listen some greetings from some Doctors.

After this class, I take some photos with Doctors. Two of them are my instructor on this semester. Below are some photos that I can share with you. And someday, I will attend my Seminar. Just be patient and do my best for the next semester.

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