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4 years ago….

This day reminds me when I started working at STIKOM Surabaya. It happened four years ago. Do you know what my feeling was? It looks weird. I used to go to my campus as a student, but now I’m an employee here (STIKOM Surabaya, red). This is not my regret because I have chosen it. However, I’m proud because I can still share my knowledge and I can continue my Master here (Tampa) as well.

Teaching is my pleasure. I am happy when somebody understand what I “share”. I prefer to say “share” rather than “teach”. I understand I’m not the smarter one. But I like to learn how to be useful for each other. I have a paradigm in my mind: Smart people are many. But few can share their knowledge. That’s why I applied in Computer Laboratorium where I used to work as Co-Assitant (if you want to know what kinds of job that I did, you can see my biography).

Here, in Tampa, I learn so much. When I was a teacher, it was easy to encourage my student to study harder. However, some students never ask if they have problems even though I give a hand. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. The good thing is I’m a student and I understand what their feeling is.

1. Communication

Communication is the main problem. I realize when I have problems with English. I don’t understand what my professor talked about. I can’t speak fluently as well. I drown in my own fear. However, God is good because He put me here. As a student, be brave and don’t be shy to talk each other!

2. Background

When I study my courses here, I know some of them have some background what they learn and others are not. It happened with me last year. I don’t have any background in my course. As a teacher, I need to build my student’s background. How? i don’t know. Maybe later I will get this answer. 🙂

3. Method

Some students can learn fast, and some of them need more time. I’m in the second kinds of person. Need more time to study. And I need to understand what I read as well (because all are English 🙂 ). As a student, I need to understand what learning method that matches with me. And a teacher, I’m still looking. If you have an idea, please leat me know.  🙂

Last, I hope I can be the good teacher someday when I back. Gbu



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